This is our first time to attend this retreat. If you are seeking to build up both of you and your son’s relationship with God, this retreat is one great way to do that. The encouragement and fellowship among brothers in Christ is remarkable. Not only the relationships between the fathers and sons were built up but also among the boys during activities.

– Richard

We’ve got a great lineup in store, including morning and evening sessions and plenty of time to play and connect with your son! View the schedule here.

Below are the activities at Sky Ranch Horn Creek (note that some require an additional fee):

alpine swing

This is a swing unlike any other! Get ready for a 360-degree view.


A favorite camp activity for all ages!


Time to shoot some hoops! One-on-one, knock-out, five-on-five, free for all… what’s your game?


Need gutters, shoes, ball? No problem! Everything is ready for you to bowl that perfect game!


Do you like it lightly golden, burnt to a crisp, or raw? Is there a wrong way to eat chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers?

Disc Golf

No need for clubs for this mountain terrain! Grab some discs and see if you can get a hole in one!


Bring your own gear and enjoy the serene atmosphere while fishing!

Gaga Ball

Dubbed a kinder gentler version of dodge ball, Gaga Ball is played with a ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping!


Take the time to get away with your son and just talk. The amazing views will lead to some great conversations.

Horseback Riding

Led by Sky Ranch wranglers, experience scenic views while riding horseback.

Jumping Pillow

Jumping on a giant inflated air pillow provides a fun and new experience.

Low Ropes

Spend some intentional time together as a team problem solving your way through a few of our team challenges or low ropes elements.

Nine Square

It takes the old 4 Square game and adds a volleyball-like element by putting the squares 6-8 feet above the ground.


Cool off in the pool with a swim or join in an impromptu game of water polo.

Rec Center

No matter the weather, there is always something to do: bowling, rock climbing, basketball, racquetball, and more!

Target Shoot

This activity area offers a handful of different target sports to try, like tomahawks, archery, and BB Guns.

Tomahawk Throw

Sticking a bullseye with a hatchet! How cool is that!


Bump — Set — Spike! Enjoy a game on the sand court or inside the rec center!


Choose from three different slides. Race a friend down or enjoy a refreshing cool down.


Speed down our multi-line ziplines with your friends. A high-flying adventure you’ll never forget!

Don’t think about going. Just go. This is a trip which will benefit you and your sons for all of eternity.

– Mike